Why I Love The CrossFit Games’ Open

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I’ve spent the last couple of weeks hounding the members at CrossFit Strong to sign up for this year’s CrossFit Games Open. Why? Because I love the Open and everything is brings out of people. It literally shows you that you have power beyond what you think. That your “limits” aren’t in fact limits at all. And for me, it provides additional gasoline on my spirit that bleeds over into workouts the rest of the year. It humbles you while simultaneously lifting you up.

Last night I traded text messages with a buddy who sent me this:

[blogoma_blockquote ]“Get ready to sit and watch me stare at 135# tomorrow morning. Not looking forward to it.”[/blogoma_blockquote]

I sent him back a note that simply said “Shut up. You can do it.” Guess what? He threw 135# snatch up over twenty times today. He didn’t think it possible last night. Today he crushed it. The scene played out over and over and over again today. People would struggle through a few attempts at a weight heavier than they were used to or had ever done. Then finally, they’d hit the rep just once. And that was all they needed to pick it back up again. And again. The light flipped “on” and they were no longer intimidated by the weight. The barbell was doable, and damn, if they weren’t determined to lift it again.

It’s incredible. The energy was higher than it had ever been. Friends screamed at each other to keep going. Competitors kept moving, kept pushing forward – even when they thought they were “done.” At affiliates all over the world, it was the same thing. Communities came together to support each other – regardless of whether you were climbing the snatch ladder to 200+ lbs or if you were struggling at the opening weight. Everyone received support and encouragement. Everyone.

And that’s what makes CrossFit special. It pushes you to be better. It pulls you outside of your comfort box and forces you to try something new. And it never makes you do it alone. The community is always with you.

And the best part? We’ve got four more weeks of fun.

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