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What If There’s Nothing Special About Me?

Jake Thompson

But there’s nothing special about my story.

I remember telling my coach that early in our time working together. I was new to public speaking and had hired his team years ago to help me elevate my craft to better serve my audiences. I had goals of becoming a household name as a speaker, but mentally, I was struggling to see myself as one. I wasn’t able to connect my stories with everyone else who carried that “speaker” title. I’d never been homeless. I hadn’t overcome a powerful addiction or had a near-death experience, and I didn’t “live in a van down by the river.” By all accounts, my life was very, well, normal.

And that normal thinking was keeping me in neutral at the starting line instead of taking action for my goal. Normal doesn’t change lives – or so I thought.

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Six Years In

CED day one

Six years ago this past Friday I sold my very first item online for Compete Every Day. What a ride.

I’d almost forgotten our anniversary until Friday night when a Facebook memory showed up in my feed, reminding me of the importance of May 26.

I gave pause and began to reflect on the last six years. The highs, painful lows, amazing people met, and everything in between. I smiled, thanking God for the trip, and started typing a note on my phone about the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the six years. And I think entrepreneurship – just like life – all comes down to this. It comes down to:

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Leadership - Mindset

Be Someone’s Roger Bannister

Open track

It’s funny how our mind works.

When many of us face obstacles, we tend to believe we’re the only ones facing that obstacle. So we don’t talk about it. We internalize everything. And because of that, we feel alone in a battle with a Goliath we can never beat.

In all reality, there’s hundreds – if not thousands – of people out there going through the same situation, if not much harder ones – yet they’re overcoming it. Because we don’t know about them, we assume we’re alone. And we believe our battle to be an impossible one.

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Personal Growth

Set the Tone

“Set the tone: to ​establish a ​particular ​mood for something.”

There are 60 days left in 2015. Two months to either add to the current story you’re writing – or two months to change the story you’ve written so far. 61 days to end this year how you want to. On your terms. And how you want your story to read.

In sports, it’s crucial for a team to set the tone. Football offenses want to come out of the gate fast & physical, imposing their will on the defense and letting everyone know it will be a long 60 minutes. Passing-oriented teams start throwing deep & quick, moving the chains as quickly as possible. Physical running teams (ex: Seattle Seahawks) want to hit you as hard as they can, running the ball down a defense’s throat. All the while, the defense is trying to set a physical tone early that they will not be beaten or pushed around.

How a team starts – what tone they set – will impact the entire game. The same applies to life.

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