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Leadership Lessons from The QB

The QB

Tom Brady engineering the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Deshaun Watson leading the Clemson Tigers down the field to upset Alabama in the college football National Championship. The quarterback position is the most celebrated – and criticized – position in sports.

I recently finished The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks by sports writer Bruce Feldman. Football is my favorite sport, always has been. Quarterback, my favorite position and where some of the best memories of my youth were created. It was an insiders’ perspective to the current quarterback training industry, as Feldman spotlights a number of the nation’s premier trainers – and sport’s up-and-coming talent.

The QB didn’t disappoint. The book provides a behind the scenes look at the current quarterback training industry, through the eyes of Feldman, as he spotlights a number of premier trainers. It provides a great read, but even more so, it provides a powerful blueprint for what makes a great leader – something of immense value for you.

Numerous articles were released around the book’s publication detailing how it revealed leadership lessons, but I believe these four to be the most valuable takeaways from his book.

The best business leadership lessons from The QB that can be immediately applied to your life are:

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Episode 14: Phil Randazzo, American Dream U

Compete for the Best Life Podcast

“Take the leap of faith.”

Phil Randazzo is on one heck of a mission. The founder of American Dream U & Text Safe Teens, LLC is out to change the world one life at a time. His primary focus, ADU, develops veteran business leaders by pairing US veterans with successful entrepreneurs & equipping them to succeed in life with the leadership talents they’ve honed in the military. Even more, Phil self-funded this nonprofit because he believes in the mission and serving those who fought & served for us.

This interview has been one of my favorites as we talk the creation of ADU, Phil’s passion behind it, and what tips, tricks, & ideas he’s implemented to help him succeed in work & building multiple ventures. Here’s a hint – letting fear stop him isn’t one of the tips.

Episode Resources:

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