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Personal Growth

Be Willing to Face Plant

Failed lift rep

I know you have a goal you’re competing for – but are you willing to take a hard nose dive into the ground for it?

I saw the below two videos making rounds on Facebook this past month. Give them a quick watch and meet me below.

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How Your Fears Look to Others

How can you not laugh at this video?

I just don’t understand how this big dog is afraid of carpet. He’s scared to touch it – as if the very thing will jump up and bite him. We all watch the video and laugh, thinking “how cute he’s afraid of nothing.” The carpet will do absolutely nothing to this dog, but somehow it’s paralyzed him with fear to stop in the doorway.

I wonder if this is the same way others look at us when we allow fear stop us in the pursuit of our goals?

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Best Life Podcast

Episode 1: Interview with Jason Zook

Meet the guy who wore t-shirts every day for a year, sold his last name, & generated over a million dollars in revenue with some of the more creative marketing you’ll ever find. Jason Zook of JasonDoesStuff.com sits down in our inaugural episode to share how he maintains his creative edge, overcomes fear in work & his life, & what he would tell Elon Musk if he ever met him.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to find the courage to take risks?
  • How Jason overcomes his fear of writing on deep, personal subjects.
  • How to maintain a creative edge despite a crazy schedule.

Episode Resources:



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