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What Entrepreneurship Has Taught Me

This is a reprint of my original post, which appeared on Medium.

It was four years ago this week that the very first Compete Every Dayshirt was sold & shipped. Here’s what the journey has taught me.

It’s still overwhelming how wild this roller-coaster ride has been the past four years. I’ve first-hand witnessed victories & failures, all while trying to make some type of positive dent in this world. I’ve cried while feeling like I’ve failed with no way to come back, and I’ve danced like a fool when our team has come together to surpass my wildest expectations. It’s been an adventure like no other.

I started Compete with nothing more than this idea of Competing for your life, two boxes of t-shirts in the back of my car, and the crazy idea that together with enough people, this message could change the world. Over the last four years, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with great teammates, meet incredible people, and see many inspiring people whose stories uplift. I can truly say I never could have imagined how quickly we’ve grown, or more importantly, how many people have enthusiastically joined the community because they embraced the message & live the Compete lifestyle. Just that very idea overwhelms me, and truly I am at a loss for the words to put into perspective how much it has meant to me.

It’s been a great four years, but we are by no means done yet. As I look back on what’s been done by our current & former teammates, and look ahead to what we are striving for, I’ve learned these eight things that I truly believe apply to business, sport, & life.

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