Speaking Engagements

Unleash the Competitor Within You & Your Team to Increase Performance, Positive Results, & Goal Success

When conference and event planners search for motivational speakers, they have a tough task ahead of them. You have to find someone who engages your audience – who makes attendees want to get out of bed for an 8:00am keynote, or cut a networking evening short, or otherwise prioritize the talk. Your speaker needs to help your attendees reach their goals.

Finally, the key to being a great motivational speaker? The ability to empathize and understand where your listeners are coming from.

This is where Jake Thompson excels. It doesn’t matter your audience or event size: Entrepreneurs, athletes, and anyone with big goals benefit from hearing Jake speak. And because he’s the kind of guy who knows how to make each person feel like he’s talking directly to them, your event will have a speaker who completely satisfies your audience

Jake’s Goals for Each Speaking Engagement

He helps attendees unleash the competitor within. You and your team will learn how to increase performance, increase positive results, and increase goal success rate.

As a competitor who has successfully made these changes within his own life—professionally, physically, and mentally—Jake knows what you’re facing. And he knows how to help you succeed.

Keynote: End on Empty

Why do some people experience massive success—win after win after win—while so many others seem to struggle more, and are still searching for their first breakthrough? A competitor’s spirit and drive – that’s how.

In this motivational 60-minute keynote, Jake explores the necessity of competition in our everyday lives. He shares what it means to think like a competitor, act like a competitor, and be a competitor. During this talk, you’re encouraged to explore your current mindset. To help you find your own success, Jake challenges you to apply the traits of the world’s most successful competitors to your own life in order to pursue your own success.


  1. Mindset is Everything. Learn how to think and act like a competitor in order to win.
  2. Take Action. Successful people take action while others hesitate. Learn how to move forward while your competition stagnates.
  3. Rebound from Setbacks. We all fail. Successful people may fail the most often. Learn how to leverage failure to set up your biggest wins.
  4. Full Effort for Full Victory. Learn how to give 100% by being better than yesterday. After all, life is worth competing for.

For details on how Jake can motivate your team to compete, contact him online here.

Keynote: Creating Community Through “Why”

Some brands stand the test of time and become household names: Nike. Coca-Cola. Ford. Those companies, and ones like them, excel because they are excellent storytellers. They weave a story so powerful, customers can’t help but remember the brand and its message—and they want to be part of the story.

In this 60-minute keynote, Jake explains how you can create your own memorable stories. He takes you through his own humble experience of building a global lifestyle brand in a crowded, hyper-competitive industry.

As he shares his own entrepreneurial journey, Jake explains and demonstrates how a well-told story can elevate your company in a competitive landscape. He’ll help you learn how to invite your customers into your story and be part of something bigger.

After this talk, you’ll be inspired and equipped with ideas to help tell your company’s own powerful brand story.


  1. Why Your “Why?” is Crucial. Learn why your story must overshadow your product.
  2. Activate Your Brand’s Community. Your customers and fans love what you do. Learn how to provide them with fuel to share their own story.
  3. Davids Can Compete with Goliaths. A determined David beat Goliath with just a slingshot. Learn how your ability to tell a story is your slingshot, and how storytelling allows smaller companies to compete—and win—against bigger counterparts.
  4. Improve Your Storytelling. An effective brand story can change everything for a company. Learn how to best tell yours.

For details on how Jake can motivate your team to tell a great brand story, contact him here.

The 9 to 5 Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur… in a cubicle?
What can a career like entrepreneurship — defined by ideas like freedom, risk, ownership, and rule-breaking — have in common with a more traditional employee role, which is typically defined by security, corporate politics, and monotony?
With grit and a little perseverence, Jake has excelled as both an entrepreneur and employee throughout his career (often simultaneously). He takes the knowledge and experience from both sides of the business world and helps you learn how an employee can thrive by thinking more like an entrepreneur, and how a business can excel by building a team of entrepreneurial employees.
Throughout this workshop, Jake reveals what key characteristics make an entrepreneur successful. He then teaches you how those same characteristics can be developed and employed by your corporate team for unparalleled success. You’ll leave this talk with a better understanding of how an entrepreneur thinks, how you can implement the entrepreneurial mindset with your team, and how this simple mindset shift from employee to entrepreneur can elevate your company to new heights.


  1. How to Think Like an Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are a unique breed, but their thought process, approach to creation, and methods for handling setbacks, when channeled properly, can thrive in a corporate setting.
  2. The Importance of Grit, and How to Build Yours. Learn how building grit within your team can help your company weather the toughest of seasons, keep spirits positive, and continue pressing onward toward your team’s goal.
  3. Take Ownership in Your Job. Entrepreneurs take ownership of the ideas and businesses they create. Learn how to apply that same thinking to a specific role in order to open doors and elevate both an individual’s and a team’s successes.
  4. The Importance of Action. No more wasted time in meetings. Walk away with an understanding of how entrepreneurs are productive with their time and how they take action, and implement that knowledge with your teams and company for better efficiency. 
If you want more details on how Jake can help you and your team create an effective, winning game plan to reach your team individual goals, contact him here.

Workshop: Crush Your Goals

Do you have BIG goals?

Your big goals don’t include the easier, default milestones and goals you’ll reach this month. Those are important, too, but BIG goals take months, sometimes a year—or longer—to accomplish.

What are your BIG goals? Do you have one, two, or many of them, but you’re not quite sure where to even start? In this workshop, Jake will help you  figure out how to reach these goals.

Throughout this afternoon workshop, Jake reveals his step-by-step process that will help you achieve your goals – just like the process helped him. You’ll learn how to stay on track for living your best life.

In this workshop, Jake will help you focus on clarifying your goals, establish daily routines that give you the foundation you need to reach your goals, and create a fleshed-out plan of action. You’ll leave the workshop with the tools you need and a fire in your heart to achieve your goals.

Workshop Takeaways

  1. Why BIG Goals Matter. Your life, your goals, your story matters. Learn why you deserve to take yourself—and your goals—seriously.
  2. Turn “One Day” into “Day One.” Most people put off their goals for “one day.” They fail to follow this simple step-by-step plan to plot their course for achieving their goals effectively. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls and start with your “Day One.”
  3. Stay Accountable and Progress. To succeed, you need to create a system that holds you accountable and ensures you progress. After all, a goal without a plan of action is sure to fail. Learn how to create a solid plan—written down for maximum impact—that guides your achievement.
  4. Plan to Succeed. You’ll complete this workshop with a clear vision of your goal, its deadline, and the path you’ll take in order to reach it. Learn to stop living with an ambiguous idea and move forward with a solid game plan.

If you want more details on how Jake can help you and your team create an effective, winning game plan to reach your team individual goals, contact him here.