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Keynote: End on Empty

Why is it that some people experience massive success—win after win after win—while so many others are still searching for this first breakthrough? Competition and drive – that’s how. In this motivational keynote, Jake explores the necessity of competition in our everyday lives, sharing what it means to think like a competitor, act like a competitor, and be a competitor.

Throughout the 60-minute keynote, audiences are motivated to explore current mindsets and challenged to apply the traits of the world’s most successful competitors to their own lives and the pursuit of success.


  1. Mindset is Everything. How to Think & Act Like a Competitor to Win
  2. Action Takers. How the successful are able to take action while others hesitate.
  3. Rebound from Setbacks. Failures happen – but how do we leverage them to set up our biggest wins?
  4. Full Effort for Full Victory. Learn how to give 100% by being better than yesterday.
For details on how Jake can motivate your team to compete, contact him online here.

Keynote: Creating Community Through “Why”

Some brands stand the test of time: Coca-Cola. Nike. Ford. Those companies, and ones like those, excel because they are excellent storytellers that weave a story so powerful, customers can’t help but want to be part of it. In this 60-minute keynote, Jake shows audiences how it’s done by taking them through his own humble experience of building a global lifestyle brand in one of the most crowded industries.

He’ll share how a well-told story can elevate your company in a competitive landscape, and invite customers to be part of something bigger. You’ll come away inspired and equipped with ideas to tell your company’s own powerful brand story.


  1. Why is “Why” So Important. Your story must overshadow your product.
  2. How to Activate Your Brand’s Community. People love what you do, how do you provide them fuel to share that story?
  3. How Davids Can Compete with Goliaths. David beat Goliath with just a slingshot, how does story telling allow smaller companies to compete – and win – against bigger counterparts?
  4. Improve Your Storytelling. An effective brand story can change everything for a company. Learn how to best tell yours.
For details on how Jake can motivate your team to tell a great brand story, contact him online here.

Aretas Goals Workshop

Workshop: Crush Your Goals

Do you have BIG goals? We’re not talking about the easy, default ones you’ll reach this month. We’re talking about the BIG ones that take months, sometimes a year or more to accomplish. Those goals. Do you have them but struggling to figure out how to reach them?

Throughout this afternoon workshop, Jake Thompson will reveal his step-by-step process that will help you achieve your goals and keep you on track for living your best life. You’ll learn how to better gain clarity on that goal, create a daily routine to help you reach that goal, and leave with a completed plan of action in your hands and a fire in your heart to achieve that goal.


  1. Why BIG goals matter. Your life, your goals, your story matters. We share why.
  2. How to turn “one day” into “Day One.” Most people put off their goals for “one day” because they fail to follow this simple step-by-step plan to plot their course effectively. We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls that “most” encounter.
  3. How to create a system that holds you accountable & keeps you progressing. A goal without a plan of action is sure to fail. Jake will help you create a solid plan, written down, and ready to be achieved.
  4. Step by step plan to success. You’ll walk away from this workshop with a clear vision of your goal, its deadline, and the path you’ll take in order to reach it. No more guessing of when, you’ll now know.
For details on how Jake Thompson can help you & your team create an effective, winning gameplan to reach team & individual goals, contact him online here.

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