Set the Tone

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“Set the tone: to ​establish a ​particular ​mood for something.”

There are 60 days left in 2015. Two months to either add to the current story you’re writing – or two months to change the story you’ve written so far. 61 days to end this year how you want to. On your terms. And how you want your story to read.

In sports, it’s crucial for a team to set the tone. Football offenses want to come out of the gate fast & physical, imposing their will on the defense and letting everyone know it will be a long 60 minutes. Passing-oriented teams start throwing deep & quick, moving the chains as quickly as possible. Physical running teams (ex: Seattle Seahawks) want to hit you as hard as they can, running the ball down a defense’s throat. All the while, the defense is trying to set a physical tone early that they will not be beaten or pushed around.

How a team starts – what tone they set – will impact the entire game. The same applies to life.

Our morning routines are a great example. If we rise late and scramble to make it out the door to work, it feels as though our entire day is a frantic rush, doesn’t it? On the opposite end, the times we wake early, ease into the day with a set schedule, we are more productive, more focused, & for the most part, feel more in control of “owning the day” vs. the day “owning us.”

If setting the tone is crucial to how our days go, wouldn’t you agree that setting the tone for our years would be that much more important?

These next 60 days are 60 opportunities to finish 2015 strong. To fix a wrong. To reach a goal. To RISE from any failure. If we are willing to set a tone – a positive tone of progress no matter what – then we can seize each one of those 60 opportunities to end the year how we want.

On our terms.

Monday is your first chance to set a new tone for how your year ends. Are you willing to set a new one?

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