As an entrepreneur, I am constantly investing my life into people first, projects second. I am always looking for great opportunities with even greater people. In addition to the work I’m doing here through my speaking & writing, I am working on:

Compete Every Day
Compete Every Day®

Compete Every Day® is the lifestyle brand committed to providing you positive motivation, relevant tools, & a thriving, welcoming community to fuel your journey to reach new levels of success regardless of your goals & aspirations. Never forget, your life is worth competing for, every day.  #CompeteEveryDay (website)

Better Than Yesterday Podcast
Better Than Yesterday Podcast

Each week, l talk with competitors just like you from all walks of life – business, sports, fitness, entrepreneurship, & more – to find out how they made it when others hesitate to even start. Together, we share stories of their triumphs, habits, and mindset to remind you that your life is worth competing for every day. To learn more, visit the show website here or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

Donut Judge Me
Donut Judge Me™

Where sweet tooth meets sweet apparel.

What started as a playful “wouldn’t be fun if” idea turned into a full-blown business. Donut Judge Me™ is playful approach to stylish apparel, mixing a love of sweet and drink with funny shirts. If donuts, sweets, or wine is something you enjoy, be sure to check our team out(website)

The Entrepreneurial Employee
The 9 to 5 Entrepreneur

en·tre·pre·neur: fancy name for an individual who has ideas and executes on them.

Entrepreneurs are a dime a dozen on instagram. Everywhere you scroll, someone is throwing around the title because the media has painted it as a glorified role. Their lives show to be one of constant freedom, victory after victory, and money – all while living life on their own terms. Social media lies.

Ask any successful employee and yes, they’ll talk about the pride in creating something new, but they’ll also talk about the long hours, the months when bills were tight (or unable to pay), and the mental struggle of persevering through.

Many managers hate the idea of having an “entrepreneurial employee” because to them, it means their employee is not focused 100% on their corporate job and will leave them soon enough. They “aren’t a team player” and therefore, a risk to the manager’s own job.

But what if I told you that having an entrepreneurial mindset is the exact thing your team needs within the corporate structure to win? As someone who has thrived as both an entrepreneur and an employee, The Entrepreneurial Employee is my argument to corporate America for investing in and hiring individuals who think like an entrepreneur – and how it can take your company to a new level.


Best Life Mentorship Program

I started the Best Life Mentorship Program as a way to work with a very small, exclusive group of individuals with BIG goals, a passion to make an impact, and the need for mentorship and guidance through that process. Are you struggling to apply your passions toward a purposeful career? Maybe you are still working through the process of discovering your true passion – but you know your current job is not it. The Best Life program is designed to help you compete for your best life and career by helping you find your purpose, live your passion, and compete for the success you’ve craved.

The 2018 Best Life program is now taking applications. To be considered, click here to apply.



I started my career as a marketing consultant, providing a number of branding, creative, and strategic direction to companies. I’ve worked with brands on a project-by-project basis as well as long-term contracts for multiple industries, including sports, health and fitness, retail and e-commerce, IT consulting, legal, telecommunications, and hospitality. I still take on select consulting clients for the right project. If you’re interested in working together, email me here.