How Your Fears Look to Others

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How can you not laugh at this video?

I just don’t understand how this big dog is afraid of carpet. He’s scared to touch it – as if the very thing will jump up and bite him. We all watch the video and laugh, thinking “how cute he’s afraid of nothing.” The carpet will do absolutely nothing to this dog, but somehow it’s paralyzed him with fear to stop in the doorway.

I wonder if this is the same way others look at us when we allow fear stop us in the pursuit of our goals?

Think about it. Many of us have conversations where we “just don’t understand how ‘so-in-so’ doesn’t just try or keep moving forward because of (insert obstacle).” It doesn’t make sense to us. To us, the obstacle is small, it’s not scary, and it’s something that you an overcome. But to our friend, it’s more Godzilla than garden lizard. They seen an insurmountable boulder, where we see a pebble. It’s all about perspective.

I wonder what would happen if more of us realized that the fears we’ve let keep us from:

  • Reaching a new goal
  • Running our first race
  • Seeking that long overdue promotion
  • Telling that stranger hi

make us look like the dog fearing the carpet. I wonder if that sudden realization would spur us forward. That our “impossible” obstacle suddenly appears very possible to overcome. I wonder if a shift in perspective is all you need to plow forward to the life you talk about daily.

I wonder if that cute video is just the spur you need. I sure hope it is. Your fears can be overcome. Your obstacles are not invincible. You can. You will.

Compete for your life.

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