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Be Their Reason Why

Keep competing

People all around us are searching for inspiration.

They scout their social media feed, multiple times a day, for the right quote, the right picture, the right spark to help them. The world around us gives enough reasons every day to question if we actually “have what it takes.” Buy this. Do that. Believe this. Each and every one claiming to be the missing ingredient we need, the source of inspiration. They hear the doubts whisper in and wonder, “can I really be a Competitor if I think this?”

They’re desperate to believe that “yes, they are a Competitor, and yes, they can win.”

So what if you were the reason why they did believe?

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Act like a competitor.

Be you.
Be real.
Be authentic.
Be courageous.
Be present.
Be strong.
Be patient.
Be inspired.
Be inspiring to others.
Be determined.
Be better than yesterday.
Be great.
Be a competitor.

Because you already are. I believe in you.

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Goals - Positivity

What’s More Important Than Your Fears?

“Don’t be afraid of your fears. They’re not there to scare you. They’re there to let you know that something is worth it.”  – C. JoyBell

I love movies, and especially when a story is so powerfully told in a manner that makes you leave the theater in silence. The best stories are the ones that are true. I left two different movies in the last month with the same sense of awe in what I had just seen retold. The two movies?

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How Your Fears Look to Others

How can you not laugh at this video?

I just don’t understand how this big dog is afraid of carpet. He’s scared to touch it – as if the very thing will jump up and bite him. We all watch the video and laugh, thinking “how cute he’s afraid of nothing.” The carpet will do absolutely nothing to this dog, but somehow it’s paralyzed him with fear to stop in the doorway.

I wonder if this is the same way others look at us when we allow fear stop us in the pursuit of our goals?

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Who Am I To Speak Up In This Situation?

I read and reread this post at least six times before hitting publish. Maybe ten. Part of me says write to just get it off your chest. The other half argues back that there has to be someone out there feeling the same way – and feeling just as alone when issues like today arise to the forefront of the news.

I don’t really feel as though I have a platform for this. Many of you will check out 1-2 sentences into today’s post. Others may doubt my credibility on the subject matter. I am a white, middle-class American male. I have seen racism & profiling first hand. I’ve seen friends pulled over for nothing more than being of a darker skin color. I’ve seen applicants passed over because of their gender. I’ve seen a lot, but I haven’t been the victim of racism myself. I feel inadequate for what I’m about to write, but am so compelled to do something.

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