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Jake Thompson, Speaker

Compete. Every. Day.

When Jake Thompson needs the motivation or the strength to keep going, that’s his mantra. The idea of actively going after what you want—to be better than yesterday—is his guiding philosophy.

His mantra became the name of his lifestyle brand, which is sported by fellow Competitors around the world. Jake is Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer, and he takes his CEO title seriously. Take a look at the Compete Every Day Instagram feed or the Facebook group he actively moderates for over 1,000 members. You’ll see that Jake wants to help others compete for their lives, too.

Are You a Competitor?

Life is worth competing for. This is true no matter who you are, no matter what your hobbies are. To be a Competitor, you don’t necessarily have to be an athlete.

Being a competitor is a choice.

A Competitor fights for their goals.

A Competitor chooses to put forth their best effort every day.

A Competitor competes for their future life, even when they don’t feel like it.

Most people aren’t born a Competitor. They learn to be one. They choose to be one. It’s Jake’s goal, through Compete Every Day and his speaking engagements, to help anyone who wants to learn to be a Competitor become one.

The Better Than Yesterday Podcast

Ready for weekly inspiration? Jake started his Better Than Yesterday podcast to break down the art of competition. Speaking from his own experience, including anecdotes from his unique professional career, Jake shares stories with the goal of guiding people to be a better version of themselves.

Each episode offers guiding principles that help people become better competitors, including:

  • Take control
  • Don’t let fear guide you
  • Be courageous
  • Press onward

Keynote Speaker

Jake’s focus as a keynote speaker is to motivate you and your team to make it happen, whatever it is. Because life, work, and your passions are ALWAYS worth competing for.

Through stories and actionable tips, Jake teaches you how to apply the traits of the most successful competitors to your own life in order to reach your goals and achieve success in your career and life.

Jake has spoken to a number of diverse audiences and for various events, including corporate workshops, high school groups, personal development conferences, and entrepreneurship programs. In each, he shares how every one of us has the ability to apply the Key Characteristics of a Competitor and be successful in our careers, relationships, and lives.

Contact Jake

If you would like for Jake to speak at your event, or lead a workshop for your team, please fill out his contact questionnaire.

You can also email him at my@lifeisworthcompetingfor.com and connect with on Facebook.


As a Competitor himself, Jake uses and believes in a number of products and services. At times, he’ll promote and sell these third-party products and services via affiliate marketing links. They will likely change frequently, but you can presume that most links have an affiliate relationship attached.

Just remember: if Jake promotes it, he uses and believes in the quality of the product or service. If you have any questions, feel free to send him an email at my@lifeisworthcompetingfor.com.

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